Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday preparations...

You would all be very proud of me. Procrastinator Cunningham, as I sometimes call myself, is actually more prepared than EVER for the holidays. I have a couple more items for the girls to buy and a card to make to put some cash in for my brother and cousin. Other than that. I am DONE shopping, wrapping, and decorating. I even have all of the December birthday gifts bought and wrapped except one. I do still need to buy birthday cards.

I am actually so amazed and relieved that I may actually have the possibility to enjoy the holiday rather than rush through them this year. Amazing!!! The girls and I even kept up our charitable tradition today. We filled 3 garbage bags with shoes and toys that they don't use anymore and took them to Goodwill in Ankeny. We also dropped a new unwrapped toy off at the Toys for Tots box at Toys R Us. They felt very good to be helping others and as a bonus made room for the toys they hope Santa is bringing them this year.

Some nights I think it is all a distraction from the mounds of laundry, dusting, and bathroom cleaning, but those will always be there no matter what.
Here are a couple of pictures of the girls with Santa today. Eliza wants puppy in my pocket, jungle in my pocket, and a Dora Mermaid. Skylar was too shy to tell him anything. She just kept giggling. : )

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow Reindeer and other wintry fun...

It seems like the only day I am blogging lately is Sunday, so it must be the most exciting day of my week... Today my snow bunnies and I had a great time outside.

Danny and I hung Christmas lights on the house for the first time in 8 or 9 years. It wasn't without its drama and at least 3 trips back to the store for extension cords, more bulbs, and one return; however, I LOVE the result. It will be so nice and peaceful to come home to our pretty lights each night. For some reason I am in the holiday spirit more this year than I can ever remember! I have already wrapped all of the presents I have bought, which is about 20 of them including 2 December birthday gifts. CRAZINESS!! I have even started our Christmas cards and made a little craft project last night. I will have to take a picture of it when it is done and share.

Since, it was almost 40 degrees today, we used it to hang up the lights, and the girls used it to play, roll, throw, scoop, and shovel the snow while it lasted. Skylar started a snowman as the day warmed up and made wet snow. We decided to make a Snow Rudolph with a clown nose and antlers. I really thought the result was adorable! I am sure the birds will pick out the raisin eyes, and he will melt his nose off before the week is up. We will see. I really had a lot of fun helping Skylar too. Danny will say it distracted me from helping with the lights, but they got done anyhow.

I am very thankful to Danny for being supportive and taking on the lights project this year, and for having the time at home to enjoy the kids this weekend!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday funnies...

Well, I had a couple of those 'out of the mouth of babes' moments today. It is pretty amazing what you hear when you sit still long enough to hear what your kids are saying. I spent the day at home today with the girls. I played beauty shop with Eliza and helped Skylar clean out one of my old work bags to use, and they were thrilled...why can't all days be filled with such fun? Now, for the stories...

We stepped out of the house for a little bit to pick Skylar up from piano lessons, and the girls spotted a police car on the side of the road up ahead with its lights on. They both became slightly agitated and Eliza started whimpering a little. I asked her what she was upset about and she said, "Mom, don't make that noise that the race cars make...I don't want you to go to jail." I agreed that I would be careful but quietly laughed to myself. Apparently, I have squealed the tires in my rockin' Chevy Malibu with the great V6 with more torque than necessary one too many times. : ) The small thrills of a mother have turned into an example of rebellion for my kids. They are ALWAYS watching aren't they?!? Guess my fun is over for a while...just a little while...

Later tonight, Eliza came to ask me if Danny and I could eat with her and Skylar tonight. She said, "We like it when you and Daddy picnic with us instead of going downstairs for dinner. Please will you eat with us?" (Another proud motherly moment.NOT! I shouldn't need a reminder to eat together as a family.) We were home all day together, but they were still craving time with us...just a little more time...I was happy to oblige and need to remember to give them this time more often without their friendly reminders.

Love you, girls, and counting my many blessings tonight.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

11th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Danny!!!

We have made it 11 years. Danny took me out to Bravo! for dinner and for a little shopping at Jordan Creek Mall to celebrate. We also managed to make a late show too.

It was a great night together in a time in our life that seems like we never see each other. Both of us are busy running in opposite directions to work or to the kids' activities.

Gotta love having a partner and best friend in this crazy life, though. Love you , Honey!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I love, love, love Halloween! This year was no exception. The girls dressed up several times with parties at dance, school, and Aunt Joell and Uncle Buddy's besides the usual trick or treat night. Danny became a real pro at Eliza's clown makeup. Here are a few photos of the girls and the cousins in action.

Joell and Buddy also planned a great family costume party on 10-31. They did such a great job planning games for the kids, and the adults had a lot of fun too. Such cute costumes, and a great excuse to act a little silly. Here are a few photos of us crazy adults too.