Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New kitty happenings...

Well, we have now had our new kitty, Coco for 2 weeks, and thought I would give an update.
1)She has gotten used to the house, and has not had any accidents.
2)She is cuddly and social
3)She loves to sleep under Skylar's bed(Ryobi rarely goes near Skylar or Eliza's room)
4)She still has her front claws but surprisingly hasn't used them unless playing with Danny.
5)We have been treating her for ear mites and gave her a flea bath just in case...I am happy to report that no fleas were detected but a wet cat always makes for funny photos.
6)Ryobi is still queen of the house and hisses and growls at the site of Coco...I do hope this behavior goes away soon!

1 comment:

Kristina said...

She's SO cute! Give it time...I swear when Oreo came to live with us, it took the others at least a month to "get over it". Tucker STILL doesn't like him much even after 7 months.