Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happiness Project and One Little Word - 2012

Happy New Year!  Year end work is in full swing for me at Aviva Investors; therefore, I have been quite distracted from setting New Year goals )and from working on taking the Christmas tree down).....

Anyway, I have been working on reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and have also been thinking about picking "One Little Word" to concentrate on for 2012.  It all came together for me last night....my word is GRATITUDE, and I am going to start a gratitude journal as part of my own Happiness Project.

There was a recent news story about a local high school girl losing her battle with an inoperable brain tumor that first made me prayer for strength for her family, then, count my blessings.  Then, news on one of the blogs I read regularly of a couple seeking divorce made me count my blessings twice.  No matter how the messy house irritates me or how the sassy kids annoy me, I am blessed.  I believe keeping this Gratitude journal will provide a daily reminder of these blessing and , in the end, lead to greater awareness of all I have to be happy about in life.  I also hope this leads to me sharing my Gratitude with those closest to me and leads to a healthier and happier 2012 for all of us.

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