Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday dance and Christmas cookies

The day was packed with fun today.  Skylar had to dance in the Christmas recital at the Rec Center today.  She was in the pom pom dance as well as the Cousin Trio competition dance.  Halle and Sydney also performed their solo.  It was a PACKED house, and I didn't arrive until showtime.  I guess I was naive to  think it wouldn't be a big deal.  Thanks to Jenn and Joell, we still had a seat to sit in , and Skylar got a little blingy eye shadow.  They did great!  A little more smiling next time, and they are ready for competition.  The admission for the dance recital was canned goods. With such a packed house, there was quite a heaping pile of goods donated for the food pantry. Loved to see the Christmas spirit.

We spent the afternoon at the farm frosting sugar cookies.  Jenn make the cookies and frosting before we arrive, then the kids go crazy with sprinkles and other goodies.  It's always fun to see the "fuzzy" cookies Eliza makes and the artsy ideas Skylar comes up with.  We were like a cookie decorating assembly line this year and got them done in 1.5 hours.  Love this fun Christmas tradition and so glad to spend some time with Grandma.

We took the kids to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks move after the cookie decorating.  Benji and Mitch had their kids and we all went to the show in Perry and took up a whole row in the theater.  The movie was definitely more for kids than adults.  Eliza and Skylar both liked it better than the first 2 Chipmunks movies.  Eliza said, it was AWESOME!

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