Friday, December 2, 2011

Amazon wish lists are wonderful!

I tried a new technique this year. Amazon wish lists. They are quite slick.

I created a wish list for Danny, myself, and each of the girls for Christmas then shared with Dad and Carol, Mom and John, and Jolene and Neil. It is really nice because they link straight to websites to make the purchases from and allow buyers to mark them as purchased to avoid returns due to duplicates later... It has really been easier than trying to describe "that one pink sparkly outfit in the Justice catalog" to Grandma and Grandpa. : )

Then, Dad created one for us to look at for him. What a concept! Wedding and Shower registries have been around for years. Why didn't I think of this idea?

I hope to include the girls' paper wish lists here too, after I scan them.

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sweetpea324 said...

That is pretty nifty...those wish lists. I was using it just to mark stuff I wanted to buy for my family. Now I'm checking out what you have on your list. You have such excellent taste :) P.S. Cuttlebug was on my list then Jamie's Aunt and Uncle bought it and had it sent here. They weren't going to be home to receive it. Yay!