Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar

Well, our Advent calendar is going to be interesting. I made the numbered tins for Dec 1-Dec 24 last year and placed them in a tray for the girls to open each day to find a candy surprise and to countdown the days to Christmas. I was hoping we would be able to put them in a barn wood framed metal board rather than a tray, but Danny wasn't able to finish the barn wood project until after Christmas last year.

Well, this year the frame is done, and it is huge and wonderful! It is made of wood from the old red barn at the Cunningham farm, and I am so happy we were able to repurpose it for such a special purpose. However, the magnets on my Advent tins just aren't going to cut it.... Eliza and I had the tins filled and perfectly arranged, then the cat hit one , and they came tumbling down like dominoes. We rearranged, we slammed the office door, and they came tumbling down like dominoes. We rearranged, took a few pictures, Skylar opened the first tin to collect the prize for Dec 1, she put it back, it fell, and the others tumbled after. She got frustrated and stomped off. Then, I placed them neatly back and Skylar took a couple of pictures of the intermittent dominoes. As of bedtime last night, all of the tins were back in place, but it should be a comical 24 days.

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sweetpea324 said...

Oh no! I don't think I would have kept reassembling it. No patience for such. I did chuckle though. You probably need those heavy duty magnet (round metal disks). Can't wait to see a picture though. So cool!