Monday, December 5, 2011

Mondays with Eliza

When I signed Eliza up for gymnastics in Waukee on Mondays while Skylar was in Perry at dance I thought I would be crazy by this time of the year, but I am loving the one on one time with Eliza we have some of the greatest conversations.  Tonight was no exception.
Eliza: Daniel hit me today when my legs were still numb after coming in from recess.  We had to go to the guidance counselor , and he wrote me an apology note.  I accepted his apology.

Mom: Good girl.  Why would he hit you?

Eliza: I don't know.  I guess I am just going to be the kid who always gets hurt.  I got kicked in the face last week.  I smashed 3 fingers on the bars today.  I got hurt on the merry go round and Daniel hit me.  I guess I need a bodyguard.

Mom: What kind of bodyguard?  Should we wrap you in bubble wrap or do we need to send a big guy like Daddy to school with you everyday?

Eliza:No....I just need one of my big friends to walk around with me all of the time like Aubrey, Isabel...



sweetpea324 said...

Didn't think of a body guard. I have suggested to Bridget that we should wrap her in bubble wrap. She's doing much better in basketball and is only on the floor once or less. :)

Mary Perry said...

So is Danny aware she needs a body guard. Knowing him, he will want to go beat the crap out of anyone messing with his girl. Pretty Don like..........