Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Auction and Scrapbook weekend

Well....the art auction was a blast. There was about 140 tickets sold for this auction, and the mingling was fun and spirited.

Several of the artists that donated pieces for the auction demonstrated and spoke about their creative process. One artist from Perry, Betsy Peterson, brought her actual inspiration item and read the poem she wrote as well as the art she created. She is a folk artist and Danny and I love her work. I had never bid at a live auction before, but I couldn't resist. There was a healthy battle with myself and one other, but Danny urged me on. We ended up winning the item for $150. I think that was a reasonable price for one of Betsy's pieces and the money went to scholarships anyway. Such fun!

We also met the Steffen's at the auction. (the couple we bought our house from) They were very nice and personable. We talked to them about some of the things we had done to the place. and they were curious which girl slept in which room. It was nice to meet them in person.

I didn't get much sleep before headed out to pick up Joan and get to a scrapbook retreat in Des Moines on Saturday. It's easy to jump out of bed when you are going to play with your girlfriends least for me. I so needed this girl day. My goal was to get 12 layouts done, relax, laugh often, and do a little retail therapy. Mission accomplished! I am so thankful for my girlfriends. Thanks for the perfect day Joan, Mary, and Karla. Also, thanks for putting up with tired and puncy Gina. : )

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sweetpea324 said...

I'd put up with you any day, Gina. It was much needed therapy -- girl time and retail -- for me too. I should have held back some on the retail part. Ooops!