Friday, November 12, 2010

Vapooling Day #5

Well..... we now have assigned seats in the van in the order we get out . It's like stacking clowns in a clown car.

Also, one of the riders volunteered to sing to me. I hope the look on my face did not reflect the thoughts in my head.... I sometimes have that issue. My mouth and my face don't have filters usually. My face must have said something because she didn't end up singing, but WTH!?!?!

Thank goodness it's Friday. Danny and I are headed to a Art auction for the Rotary Club in Perry tonight. Should be a fun date night.


Judy said...

I'm sure no one can sing to you like I can. I'll try to work on some great songs to share with you at retreat in February. That will give you something to look forward to!!

Kristina said...

Tell her you want to hear Motley Crue! lol