Monday, November 8, 2010


Well....I have started vanpooling with Rideshare. Aviva will subsidize my commute through Rideshare, so I am saving around $350/month in gas alone not counting the wear and tear on my vehicle I am avoiding.

The crowd I am traveling with are all State of Iowa employees working at the Capital complex downtown Des Moines, so I am a little out of their way. However, that means I am the first dropped off and last to be picked up.

My co-workers are pretty sure this won't last. Even the auditors that are here right now want in on the pool they are talking about getting started betting on the day I will miss the van.
I am known to have a very erratic schedule, don't function well in the morning, and leave late at least one day a week. However, I am bound and determined to make this work. : ) I am hoping this helps me begin work earlier and more regularly each day. Starting earlier is a resolution I made this year and have yet to keep it as I was helping with the girls in the mornings before school.

I have already had quite a few stories to tell about the van trips this week, so it won't be dull. I plan to update this blog from time to time with the vanpooling drama. ENJOY!

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Kristina said...

LOL...Cool! Can't wait....