Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vanpooling Day 2

Well, Day 1 on the vanpool last Friday was pretty tame. I didn't talk much because it was early for me, and I hadn't had my Diet Coke yet.

Day 2 is apparently the day I become part of the inner circle because on the ride home, I learned all kinds of drama.

1) We can't share our e-mail addresses with one member because it might get shared with Facebook spam and porn site. : )
2) One van rider quit this week that had been riding for years because she didn't get the seat she wanted anymore.
3) One van rider, who is also a back up driver, is trying to get her own van because she can't sit in the shotgun seat anymore and wants to control where she sits.
4) Years ago one rider jumped over the back seats to assault the driver and cuss him out.

Drama...drama... I haven't really experienced any of these things first hand yet, but find it funny that any group of people put together for a long period of time eventually has tension and dissent. Funny how humans are isn't it?

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Kristina said...

Oh boy...I can see there are going to be some really GOOD stories..lol