Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to the grind...

Coming back to work after a three day weekend is always difficult, but this one was also full of a couple of special events.

Danny reminded me late last night that dance class started for the girls today. Eliza has tap and ballet again this year, and she was sooo excited to hear it was dance night. We also had to prepare Eliza's 'color of the day' outfit to wear to school each day this week. Eliza's kindergarten class is supposed to wear a different particular color each day for the next 10 days, so they may learn more about each color in class. We are really having fun with this. Tuesday, Sept 2 was yellow day, and we found a bright yellow t-shirt for the occassion.

I also had an event to co-host this evening. It was a United Way Emerging Leadership Initiative event for Aviva, and we booked the event at Azalea's. It was very successful and some new people to the group and to the company learned a lot about the Emerging Leadership Initiative through the event. Getting together with other leaders across the company is always a fun experience for me too because we don't often have the chance to meet peers outside of our own departments. I hope to see them and other leaders in Des Moines at another United Way event soon. The Emerging Leadership Initiative (ELI) concentrates on helping the youth of our community through donations and volunteer time. It also encourages and provides opportunities for networking with community leaders and peers as well as training to lead on non-profit boards as part of the program. It is a good program to be a part of, and if others consider it as a result of our event...great!

Finally, I headed to Jenn's for a lia sophia jewelry party. I was extremely late, but I had left over appetizers, wine, and a jewelry order; therefore, I was welcomed with open arms. : )

It was a late night, but ended in many laughs with friends. Jenn was preparing to wake early for an outpatient surgery the next day, so things got a little sappy before I left too. I love that girl...

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