Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday is here again...

Busy day again today. Skylar started Hip Hop dance class today. It was a total blast to watch. Jenn, Joan, Joell, and I are going to try the adult class that starts next month, so I was trying to learn some of the moves by watching Skylar's class. Well, unfortunately, the teacher informed me that if he is doing an adult class, it is going to be cardio. YIKES!!! I hope he takes it easy on us old ladies... He is in his twenties and may not know what the sound of popping and cracking joints sounds like... Pray for us. : )

Skylar also started her second year of piano today. She remembered quite a few things and got a LOT of new songs to learn for next time. She is supposed to learn a couple of them with not only the notes but the staccato, forte, legato, etc. Practice, Practice, Practice is the name of the game this week.

Then, we headed to Boone to see the Hockemeier's and attend Pufferbilly days Saturday evening. We hadn't seen them in months, and we had missed some birthdays. Eliza and Zach each had gifts to open. We took the kids to the carnival rides and had some great carnival food also. The most popular ride was the elephants. Emylyn and Eliza rode twice. I also took Tommy and Skylar on the Dizzy Dragons and spun so fast I think Tommy turned green... We rode a few other things, but the tickets went fast. Next, we headed for the food. The walking tacos, fried donuts, cotton candy, and smoked pork sandwiches were the big hits. Danny was so hungry he went back for a second meal... He tried the walking taco the second time after he already at a smoked pork sandwich. YUMMY!

The kids watched movies at the Hockemeier's while the adults headed to the Gigglin' Goat downtown Boone to watch the band Saucy Jack play. It was pretty cold, and the band was outside on an old parking ramp area. The music was pretty good though, and the people watching was great. We had a few moments of singing and dancing to some old school Guns 'N' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, and Motley Crue songs... The guitar player was the most impressive. I couldn't believe the Sweet Child O' Mine guitar solo...

It was so good to see everyone again. Thanks for the invite, Matt and Lisa.

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Kristina said...

When Connor was little, he loved going to Pufferbilly Days. One of my mom's best friends lived right on the main drag of Boone and we got to watch the parade from her front yard, then we would go uptown to the festivities. He doesn't want to go anymore....alas, this is what happens when they get older.