Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday night football and Tuesday night blues

Not much to report for the beginning of another work/school week.

I WASTED most of my Monday night watching what should have been one of the most exciting NFL football games I have ever watched. Almost 80 points scored total and crazy penalties and plays on both sides. The first half was played nothing like the second half, and the crowd was really into it. Not me... Fantasy football ruined it all. I had the QB on the Eagles , Donovan McNabb, and one of the wide receivers, T.O., on the Cowboys. They each had amazing first halves, and I only needed 8 points to win in my fantasy game. There was a crazy Eagles touchdown recalled because the receiver celebrated and spiked the ball before he actually entered the endzone. NICE. Who does that? A 50+ yard touchdown recalled because the receiver was a DORK! If I was watching the game just to watch, my reaction would have been to laugh, and the result would have been no big deal because the next play was the final yard for the Eagles to actual score the touchdown. However, because I don't get QB points for a run in touchdown, I was MIFFED. Of course, with a weird second half I got virtually no other chances to make up the points and I lost my Fantasy games. I am now 0-3 for the season. UGH!

Remember I said I WASTED my night watching football. Now you know why I feel that way...maybe if I had won I would feel differently...funny how that is. : )

Tuesday night was spent working late. I drove through McDonalds after 9:30 tonight for dinner and kissed my sleeping children goodnight when I got home. UGH! again.

Here's to hoping Wednesday is an improvement from the past 2 days....


janalee said...

*wrinkling my nose* Oh, I hope your football team does better this next week ;)

Kristina said...

That SUCKS! both the football game and not seeing your girls. BTW did I tell you I was boycotting ALL football this year? Long story.

Cheri said...

I hope the end of your week went better!:)