Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Draft night...

NFL football season 2008 starts tomorrow, and our fantasy football draft night was tonight. We met at Bennigan's on Merle Hay Road at 6pm and prepared for the beginning of the season. This is Danny's first year with a team, so we had to find help for the girls tonight. Thankfully, Joell offered to take the girls to tumbling with her girls, then drive them home to Waukee with her until the draft was over...which turned out to be after 9pm.

I am fairly happy with my team. My first round pick was Adrian Peterson, so I am crossing my fingers for no injuries for him. I don' t have great luck historically with this first pick (scarred for life from my number 1 pick of Shaun Alexander 2 years ago).

Danny was being teased pretty good for his pick up of 5 tight ends. 1 at the most per team is typical, since they don't usually have many yards per carry. We'll see how the season plays out, but I bet he is dropping those guys pretty quickly. : )

Should be a fun family feud day on Sundays...

Here is the website where we track our games. Danny is Danny's Darlings, and I am Sunday Superstars. Clicking on "Live Scoring Summary" will give you the scoring for the current week.

P.S. All is good with Jenn, and I am sooo happy!!!

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joan said...

This is my first year playing fantasy football, but we didn't get together to do a draft. It was done by the computer. Kevin wants to organize a league next year where we get together and choose them ourselves. Great job on drafting Adrian Peterson - he should be a great choice!