Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eliza the animal lover.

I had a fun conversation with Eliza on Thursday evening I would like to save for posterity.

Mom: I wonder if Ryobi found any mice today.

Skylar: What? We don't have mice.

Mom: Yes we do, Daddy caught two yesterday. One of them was a baby.

Eliza: (Weepy, looking at me with sad eyes) You can't hurt them.

Mom: Why not? Mice aren't good in the house.

Eliza: Write a note to Daddy from the mouse. Write, Hello, I am the baby mouse. My name is Eliza. Don't hurt me because I am like your baby Eliza.

Mom: Eliza, if you were a mouse, what would you do to be a good mouse?

Eliza: (cracking herself up) This is going to be funny...This is going to be gross...(cracking herseflt up again) I wouldn't poop everywhere. : )

She is such a crack up. I don't think it will stop us from catching the baby mice that creep in every fall, but such a good try, Eliza.


Mary Perry said...

I hate mice, sorry Eliza........

janalee said...

oh, I LOVE her answer! *still giggling*

Cheri said...

We've caught some this summer in our garage. We used humane traps, then released them in the nearby woods (I hope the owls ate them, lol)...the mice actually are cute, as long as they are where they belong, and not in my house/garage!

sweetpea324 said...

Oh that Eliza! We live near the edge of town near a field so we get mice this time of year as well. I told Jamie if he doesn't seal up the house that I'm getting a cat to take care of the mice this year.