Monday, September 8, 2008

Jazz shoes and other happenings.

Well, another Monday came and went. It was a rainy morning that started kind of slow for me because the sun didn't come through the house like it usually does. I finally did make it to work and realized I had missed a call from Danny. He was frantic looking for his ID, ATM card and iPod. I hadn't seen them, and he knew where he last had but wanted help retracing his steps. Unfortunately he had been a lot of places this morning:

Did you check the laundry? Yes

Did you check the garbage? Yes (even took it all out of the bags and placed into new bags-"open heat surgery on the garbage" per Danny)

Did you check the countertops next to the garbages? Yes

Did you check the garage on your way to pick up the garbage? Yes

Did you check you truck floor? Yes

Did you check the driveway at the school where you opened the door for Eliza? Yes

Did you check the highway...Did you lay them on my car...Did you place them on my trunk when putting Eliza in the truck...? OH NO!!!

A few minutes later the next phone call came to tell me that he found his iPod in the middle of the Highway obviously run over. His folder of photos he was taking with him to work were strewn all over the ditch for 1/4 mile, and his ID and ATM card were no where to be found. He was soaking from head to toe from searching garbages, driveways, streets and ditches in the rain. What a great Monday.

Well, the ATM card is cancelled and reordered and a replacement ID has been obtained. He is still out on iPod unfortunately. Maybe this is a good excuse to get the 80GB version... Always a silver lining right?!?!

The girls had some fun stuff happening today on a lighter note. Today was Skylar's first year of 1 hour dance classes with Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. She has Jazz shoes for the first time and LOVES them. Eliza is envious, but I told her to wait 3 years, then she could wear them.

Eliza has her last week of wearing a different color each day. Today was purple today. Here she is pictured in her purple shirt and her list of colors from Mrs. Cole.

She also read her first book to us tonight. The title was Shapes. There were five pages:

It is a circle.
It is a square.
It is a triangle.
It is a rectangle.
Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle.

She is supposed to be learning the sight words of It and Is through this book. It was so fun to see her beaming with confidence as she read to Danny and I. I will be sure to save this book for posterity!

P.S. Danny and I both lost our games during the first week of Fantasy Football. The hardest part to swallow is that I lost by 1 stinkin' point. UGGGHHH!!!


Mary Perry said...

OH, God on losing the stuff. Still no phone at our house. I'm sure it ended up in the garbage. Oh well! The girls are sure growing passed the little girl stage, into that next phase. How awesome to document all those special moments.

BTW, we hadn't been belly up for a while, and it is a wonderful thing, esp. when there is a flipping kilt right in front of your eyeballs, LOL.

Judy said...

How exciting for Skylar to have jazz this year. I'm sure she'll wiggle her tushy and have a great time. I'm glad that the girls enjoy dance. Their mom has a few moves too. You guys will have to do some hip hop for us when you've had a few classes.

janalee said...

I'm thinking the 80gb upgrade will ease the pain of that ipod loss :). Sorry about the atm card and id card, and all his photos- those aren't as easily replaced, and it sucks to make all the phone calls, and wait for the new stuff.
LOL, I'm diggin' Skylar's new shoes, too!

Kristina said...

THAT is so something that either Fred or I would do.....bummer....I'm hoping for a 4G iPod for my birthday in a couple of weeks.

Your girls are getting so big, Gina!

Cheri said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh, I well remember the pain of Jeff losing his ipod on an airplane. :(

Joellyn said...

Ooh, really sorry about Danny and losing his ipod, ATM, ID, and photos like that. Hopefully, the nicer ipod will make him feel not quite so pad. LOVE the jazz shoes, they actually look comfortable!