Monday, July 14, 2008

3 Hour Emotional Rollercoaster

Well, I had a pretty typical crazy day at work today. Quarter end is still in full swing, had many meetings, and had to get my boss up to speed after a week away for her. I caught the elevator at 5:15 and reached for my phone. 3 missed calls from Danny...this can't be good. After all, I hate it when he doesn't pick up too.

It turns out Eliza has been sick with an ear ache all day. The easiest thing would be to go to the clinic in Perry at 7am, but I have a meeting in Des Moines at 8:15 am tomorrow. Therefore, I decide I need to get Eliza to the Urgent Care clinic in Ankeny tonight, and I am late to daycare AGAIN! (emotion=frustration)

When I got to daycare, Eliza's poor pale face and weakness reinforced the decision to go to Ankeny tonight. (emotion=worry)

Skylar, Eliza, and I jump in the car ready to head straight to Ankeny, and Skylar is bursting with something to tell me. She has played and played her Nintendo DS DOGS game and has managed to finally earn enough points with the help of a classmate to buy a new dog! She is a Yorkie and her name is Daisy. (emotion=excitement)

20 minutes outside of Perry I hear uncontrollable sobs coming from the bag seat and Skylar is slumped down in her seat. She cannot place Daisy into a contest until she trains her in her home gym, and the gym won't let her in! This causing the hairs to instantly go up on the back of my neck, but I resist the urge to yell. (hard as that is) (emotion=anger AND frustration)

Instead, Skylar and I proceed to have a 15 minute conversation about why crying won't help, why she should calm down and think of a solution to her problem, and why crying should be reserved for the really big issues only. Nintendo DS issues don't qualify. Her answer to me was, "Mom, sometimes people just cry because they are frustrated. Don't yell at me, if I cry, just let me be frustrated." WOW! Did that sound familiar?!?! I guess she came by her emotions honestly. I am sure my parents and Danny can relate to this conversation. Hopefully someday I will be able to help myself, so I can help her as well. My emotions still win over my head time and time again. (emotion=self reflection, don't know if that is really an emotion)

Well, after waiting for an hour and a half in the waiting room with Eliza, the doctor diagnosed her with swimmer's ear. The whole time we were waiting, Skylar was hugging Eliza and rubbing her back. Too cute! Skylar even told her she would give her anything or do anything to make her feel better. Eliza was pretty cuddly tonight too, which is the only bonus to kids being sick.(emotion=Love)

Skylar read Eliza to sleep tonight and is sleeping in Eliza's room tonight to keep her company while she is sick. (emotion=Pride)

I have had many similar days and am sure I should prepare for a lifetime more with these girls. Just thought blogging it all out would be fun to look at down the road. : ) Do mothers of boys have these issues?!?! Food for thought.


janalee said...

Hey! :)glad you're blogging, hope Eliza's feeling better now. And, yeah, boys are moody just like girls are. They get moody about different things, though.

sweetpea324 said...

Bridget has had swimmer's ear and she uses ear plugs now. Right off the top of my head, I can't think of a specific story about boys' emotions. They do have their own set issues.

Mary Perry said...

You poor girl, those days just totally wear me out. Hope Eliza is feeling much better today.

As for the boy girl thing, boys tend to lash out, or brood. It is generally over much sooner than with girls. I would still take the whole football team over one cheerleader, any day.

Kristina said...

I'm sorry to hear about Eliza. This sure hasn't been a good week for our children. I have to agree with what Mary said....Boy brood and say stupid things they normally wouldn't say, then 15 minutes later they're over it.

Hope things are better!