Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The last day off before another long work week. I am not a big fan of Sundays because they spell the end of the weekend. Once Monday gets here, I am good to go, but something about the anticipation of the end of the weekend makes me sad.

The girls and I woke up this morning and attacked their rooms. We filled one industrial size garbage bag with toys and garbage from their rooms. Eliza's toy box now looks much more manageable, she has a few more puzzles with all of the pieces, and all of her shoes have found matches again. I think the girls get their cleaning skills (or lack thereof) from their mother.

Next, we ate some cereal and curled up to a couple of cartoons before inspiration hit for me to scrapbook and Skylar to play computer games. Skylar has been playing feeding frenzy and webkinz lately.

Eliza spent the day uncleaning everything we cleaned this morning and more. She has yet to master the art of playing with one thing, putting it away, then playing with another. My persuasive yelling and scolding isn't helping it sink in either. : ) One day at a time with that lesson.

I also took some photos of the girls during a dress up session today too. They were literally all dressed up with no place to go, but I couldn't resist their cuteness. I managed to get a few pages done too. Here are some photos of our accomplishments today.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Kristina said...

Love your pages! and you're right...the girls were just too darn cute to not photograph.

Mary Perry said...

OMG, the girls look adorable. Great job getting lots of scrapbooking done. As far as the whole clean up thing, lots of luck. Had a 16 year old and 14 year old here, and had to pick up after them.

Judy said...

Great pics of the girls. I can't believe how grown up they are looking. Where did your babies go? Again, I am so glad that you started a blog. I love keeping up with all of you that way.