Friday, July 25, 2008


Friday is here, and this is our last day to get our family trip to Adventureland in. It turned out that Danny was feeling a little better and wanted to venture out, so we started slow with a ride to Panora for a little work for Danny and a little swimming lesson for the girls.

We went back to Perry and ran errands while waiting for Danny to finish a few things at work. It was 4pm before we left for Altoona, but we were not going to let that get us down!

We stayed until the park closed at 10pm and had may firsts:
1)We all went on a water ride together.
2)Skylar rode the Galleon with me, then with Danny
3) I won Danny a prize
4)Danny won me a prize on Skee ball
5) We got our family portrait taken as PIRATES at the old fashioned photo shop
6) I tried mini donuts (YUM!!!)
7) Eliza had an 'accident' on the frog hopper.(It was about her 6th ride. and her bladder had enough...)
8) Eliza rode the Skylift chairs

Finally, the big story of the day is that Danny won the JUMBO prize at one game. You know that elusive prize that calls people to the game, but you never see any more than the small prize being given out? We were about to leave the park and saw a set of games we hadn't tried yet. Their prize was very cute. A shark with big eyes and a short little body. Sort of an animated looking animal. Anyway, Danny got a little demo from the game tender and gave it a shot. The object was to hook all three fish, but the closer the hook got to them, the more likely it was that they would jump off of the table. Well, Danny hooked the first one no problem...then the second... The gal working the game said,
"No one has done that all day, and I have never seen all 3 go." Next second passes, and he has hooked the 3rd fish. HERO AWARD FOR THE DAY GOES TO DANNY CUNNINGHAM!!! Amazing how a silly carnival game can make you feel so GOOD... : ) I will have to post a pic of the prize soon!


janalee said...

Wahoo!!! Give Danny a big cheer! Oh, and I want to see the prize, but I also want to see your 'pirate' family picture LOL.

Kristina said...

Sounds like an excellent day! Do you need any more stuffed animals? I have a few that we could part with...

At least there wasn't any puking in your outing like there was in ours...LOL!

Mary Perry said...

That Danny, what a trouper. Glad he felt better and you got the Adventureland trip in.

Loved the Pirate picture, AWESOME!

Cheri said...

Whoah! Y'all make SCAWY (as Michael would say) pirates! Love it:) We were cowboys last year, will have to see if I can convince Jeff to spend the money and time on the pirate pic in the next year or 2.