Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Where do I start? I haven't posted in over a week.

July 26&27th I scrapbooked with some great friends. Judy hosted a crop at the Perry Library complete with M&M cookie birthday treats for me on Saturday. : ) It seemed like forever since I had seen some of the gals, and I managed to get quite a few pages done too. I saw Jenn for the first time since her Florida vacation. Man, I missed that girl!!! Sunday even included some Mother/Daughter scrapbooking on Sunday with Skylar. I think she enjoyed it. She enjoyed playing Wii with Kevin and Delaney even more though I think. We had another Sunday weather adventure as well with tornado sirens and crazy wind! When will this insane weather stop?

July 28th-August 1 Work, Work, Work and more work. Not much else exciting going on in our world this week.

Aug.2-Spent the day at the Farm swimming and sunbathing. Perfect summer day...

Aug. 3-Cleaned, Cleaned, Cleaned

Pretty boring few days, huh?!? Well, it may be a while again before my next post because we are getting ready for or annual Brainerd vacation for the NHRA national drag races.http://www.nhra.com/content/preview.asp?articleid=2440&zoneid=90&y=&navsource=16

I CANNOT WAIT!!! I love the smell of NITRO in the morning!! Thanks Mom , John, Dad, and Carol for helping with the kids!!!


Mary Perry said...

Gee Whiz Gina, you forgot to mention scrapbooking on the first. LOL.

You guys have a great vacation, you deserve some down time. And by God, EVERYONE better treat you great.

Love ya,

janalee said...

Don't get into too much trouble now that your kids aren't supervising you *winking*.