Sunday, August 24, 2008

Horse back riding and other outdoorsy stuff..**edited with photos**

We started the day at a birthday party for Sydney and Halle at the Jester Park equestrian center in Granger. It was a very pleasant party. All of the kids were excited to ride the ponies, and the ponies were well behaved. Skylar rode Breaker and Eliza rode (sorry I can't remember I will have to fill in when it hits me). There were about 6 horses in all, I believe, and the party goers took turns with the birthday girls riding twice. (I will upload pictures later and check some of my facts on the video we took) They just casually walked around a ring with trainers leading the horses the whole time, but they encouraged the girls to give commands like Whoa! and Walk on! to learn a little bit about how the horses were trained. I was a little concerned with the kids being scared and walking behind the horses and such, but the kids and the ponies were all very calm. Have I said this was a very pleasant party. Thanks again, Herricks! Happy birthday Sydney and Halle!!!

We then headed back towards home with Delaney along to try our hand at some fishing. Skylar had a melt down Saturday about not having enough family time, so Danny promised a fishing day. Knowing my irritation with heat and bugs this is usually not a long-lived event for me, so I brought our swimming gear along hoping to get to the pool at some point too. We had a very fun time, and I felt like the paparazzi. I had either a camera or video camera going at all times to capture the muddy girls. They were all splashing in the mud at the creek and giggling up a storm. I am so thankful for the video...don't kill me , Jenn, for Delaney's soaked shoes and jeans. There were several worms sacrificed, many fish caught and released, and even a couple fish kissed. We brought three nets along as well, and the girls had fun hunting frogs, butterflies, and grasshoppers also. Thanks for the fun, Dad!!!

We did get to the pool after a couple of hours at the creek. Delaney had fallen in to her thighs and was getting a little annoyed with the wet clothes. The cure...swimsuits. We played in the pool for about 3 hours while Danny mowed the pasture. We had a nice visit with Aunt Kathy and Grandma Mary while we were there too. It was a very nice Summer Sunday...

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janalee said...

My kids love mud, too. And worms. :)Sounds like an awesome family day!