Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday, Aug.22

Well, Eliza fell again today. 2 for 2 with school accidents. The teacher has requested no more flip flops for recess. She is tripping while running by the merry go round. She is looking pretty tough now with a cut on her nose and under her nose. Hopefully we will have better luck next week without the flip flops.

Skylar and Eliza are both still liking school. Can't wait to hear Eliza reading and hear all of the new skills Skylar will be picking up on this year.

Danny and I are headed to a party in Ankeny tonight via an invite from my friend Tina. It will be nice to talk to Tina and her brother and sister. Danny and I don't get out much either, so it is always fun to hang out with him too. : ) The girls are spending the night with Grandma Jo and Papa Neil.

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Cheri said...

Poor Eliza! Hope she heals soon and wasn't too put out about the no flip-flops rule.