Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eliza's 5!!!

My baby girl is Five today! We started the day with a balloon bouquet and card with stickers and 5 $1 bills in it as a surprise outside her bedroom door as she awoke.

Since it was a work day, we still had to get ready for work and daycare, but at least breakfast was special. Skylar let her wear her princess crown, and she ate hostess cupcakes, after blowing out a candle in them, of course.

The day care staff said that she wore her crown all day and she couldn't wait to get home and open presents. She was sure we would have 5 of them for her at home. : )
Well, there were 4 (2 from Grandma Jo and 2 from Mom, Dad and Skylar). I told her she could count her card from earlier that morning at number 5. From us she received: new clothes and some awesome PJs, 2 Hannah Montana toys, a DORA color by number, a notebook, and double ended crayons. From Grandma Jo she received: a Barbie laptop and a new dance leotard. She was giddy, and her reactions were priceless. I am so thankful for video tape to capture it!

We had an interesting cake also. Since it was only the 4 of us, it seemed silly to go with the traditional cake given that we planned to have cake this weekend. I decided to buy 4 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup candy bars and put candles in them. It was one of the best birthday cakes I have ever had. : )


Kristina said...

Happy Birthday Eliza!

She's is just so cute. Love all your photos and the peanut butter cups were a perfect idea!

joan said...

Sounds like Eliza had a great birthday. I love the balloons and card outside her door. It was so nice of her big sister to let Eliza wear her princess crown for the day!