Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to work

Back to work today. Thank goodness for my Blackberry I didn't have too many e-mails to catch up with, but had plenty of work to choose from. I actually had a pretty productive Thursday and Friday to round out the week with not too many meetings and a few "to-dos" crossed off.

Left a little early on Friday to check out Azalea's restaurant at 400 Locust for a United Way event I have been recruited to help with. This is a fairly new downtown Des Moines restaurant that recently received some press from visitors during the caucuses. Loved the ambience and the menu, and the prices were extremely reasonable too. They have some good old Iowa food like homemade noodles and free range chicken along with Angus Beef and locally raised pork along with some gourmet sides and a great wine selection. I am hopeful that we go with this venue for our event, so I may experience the cuisine first hand.

I took the girls to sign up for dance class Friday also. We signed up for hip hop and tumbling along with their regular tap, ballet , and jazz classes. When I say we, I mean we too. I even signed up for a class. Jenn, Joell, and I convinced them to offer an adult hip hop class, and we start on Saturdays in October. This should be funny. : )

After dance registration, we ate at the Christian Church and let the girls play a little at Perry's Friday fest downtown Perry. They played in several "bounce houses", but Eliza's favorite was the giant slide. She used all but one of her tickets on that one ride and kept inventing "new moves" on the ride down. She twisted while sliding and landed on her side several times. That child has no fear.

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Mary Perry said...

OMG, now I expect you girls to be teaching us some of your new moves. How darn much fun!