Saturday, August 23, 2008

Celebrating Eliza's birthday

Grandma and Grandpa Peterson came over today to celebrate Eliza's birthday with us. We did a lot of playing outside and even a board game inside. We ate a nice home cooked meal and enjoyed each other's company. The girls soaked up every second of grandparent time they could as they always do. They had Grandpa and Grandma hopping from the moment they arrived! This time together is priceless, and I am thankful the girls are able to spend this playtime with their grandparents!


Steve Ballmer said...

Great blog people!

janalee said...

Okay, first off, I love your Reese's PB cups birthday "cake!" ;) I cannot believe she's five- WAY too fast for me. And her little scabs- truly a tough little girl. Oh, and Skylar's pink tennies are adorable! I'm thinking jewels and rubons to decorate them; did you get pics of her w/the ring and hat on?

Mary Perry said...

I just can't believe that little stinker is going to K. The girls looked adorable on their first day. Poor Eliza and her owies. That girl is going to be fighting her way thru life, every step of the way, I swear.

I think your cake is the best I've seen, I know Don would have loved that one.