Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Skylar's a 3rd grader

Skylar could not wait for 3rd grade to start and endless days at day care to end. She really enjoys the challenge of school, and I hope this year meets her expectations. She has a new teacher to the Perry School District, Ms. Olson.

Skylar has also said she has a "new style" this year. She pondered over the purchase of these new pink Converse shoes from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson. She has decided they are just her style, and she wants more of them. She came to me wearing a hug ring, and a hat on sideways to go with her look; however, we agreed that wasn't going to work for school. Maybe for a weekend look though.

Good luck this year, honey!


Kristina said...

A girl after my own heart with those pink sneakers! She's stylin for sure.....both of your girls are so cute.

joan said...

Tell Skylar I love the pink sneakers! I can't wait to see her "new style" some weekend.