Monday, August 18, 2008

Last summer weekend**edited with photos**

Delaney spent the night on Friday, and the girls ended up spending the whole weekend together. They made tents, played moon sand, and hung out in our back yard on Saturday until being forced to clean up ( "blow the stink off" as I call it ) late in the afternoon. We then headed over to Jenn's for an Anniversary celebration for Danny's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Kirk. It was their 40th anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Kirk and Kathy!!!

Skylar ended up spending the night with Delaney that night, then Eliza and I met back up with them at the Farm for one last dip in the pool before school on Sunday. We soaked up the 90 degree weather and 88 degree pool water until the sun went down. I even got a little reading in. It turned out to be a very relaxing day. Kathy and Jenn treated us to a wonderful dinner of porcupine meatballs and corn on the cob also. Perfect summer day, really. Thanks, Jenn and Eliza for making me get out of the house...Iwas having a hard time getting motivated to vacate my pj's Sunday AM.

I wish Danny would have been there, but he did have some fun too. He spent the day riding 4-wheeler with some friends then relaxing in our cool basement at home in the peace and quiet. I am sure it was the perfect summer day from his perspective too. : )

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Mary Perry said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Nothing written in stone, fly by the seat of your pants, kind of time.