Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last day at the Lake 2008

Jolene and Neil invited all of the kids and Grandkids to the lake for one last hurrah in 2008. We had sandwiches planned for us at lunch and a wonderful grilled pork loin planned for dinner. It was one of those days to catch up with family, relax, and abuse the water toys one last time.

Grant and Gage were the most memorable...Grant was dancing and singing to every hip hop song we could play on the iPod. It is just amazing how young they start this stuff. We kept telling Nichole and Eric that the Catholic school teachers might need to be a little worried. : )

Gage was having a hay day in the sandy beach digging and flinging dirt everywhere. Pretty soon there was a hole deep enough to bury him in, so the girls obliged. They started to cover Gage up. Next they were filling the hole with water and they were encouraging gage to jump in the puddle. It was sooo funny the way he jumped in it with absolutely no fear...straight up in the air and straight down...

Danny and I also rode the jet skis with Benji and Laurie. I took over control from Danny and drove the jet ski at one point. I had a blast. I was laughing and jumping waves like a crazy person. Danny kept asking if I was trying to throw him off. : )

Such a fun day. It is just amazing how fast the summer goes.

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