Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meeting the teacher

It seems liked I raced around the world and back again today. I was up until 3 am this morning because I couldn't sleep which of course, meant I ran late to work. My day was productive but jam packed with meetings and work. I didn't even have a chance for lunch.

I literally jogged out of the office at 2:15, grabbed Burger King, jogged to my car, crossed my fingers that the "low fuel" light in my car was just joking and drove towards home hoping not to be too tardy for our 3:15 appt. with Eliza's new teacher, Mrs. Cole. I even had to make a couple of business calls and calls about vacation plans as I was rushing toward Perry. Why is life so chaotic?

Well, Eliza and I were 5 minutes tardy, and we didn't have time to stop home for her supplies, but Mrs Cole was very understanding. We learned all about the classroom and where Eliza's seat, coat hook, and "mail slot" would be. We learned about bathroom rules, snack and nap time rules. We also worked out that Skylar would pick Eliza up on the way to catch the bus in the afternoon, since Skylar's classroom is right outside the door of Eliza's classroom. This is such a relief to me because I am really dreading Eliza's first week or so. She is my baby, and seems so tiny and vulnerable to me yet. I know she will be fine and can handle her own, but I am having a hard time reconciling it all. I will be there Thursday AM, but not Thursday PM to see how things go.

The teacher even asked Eliza if she would like to be the first birthday girl and bring treats the first day of school on Thursday, since she is 5 on Wednesday. I thought it was very nice of her to ask us about it. Eliza also had some testing done while I talked to the teacher, nurse, and lunch ladies.

Skylar's first day is tomorrow, so we had better get to bed at a decent time tonight at least.


Mom/Madre/GrannyT/Me-T said...

Hey Sweets!
How did Skylar's 1st day go, and where are the "First Day of School" pix??? Eliza will do fine! In no time, you will be hearing from the teachers that she is the gal "demanding most of the attention" ha!
You think you're spread thin now...with both girlies in school, you will be a CREPE for at least 12 more years, TeeHee

Love&Hugs - Me, Mom

Kristina said...

Hope the girl's first day of school was good! See you tomorrow at lunch!

sweetpea324 said...

I'm eager to hear how the girls' first day went too. And do I have some funny pirate jokes to tell you. I think they'll be even funnier with a few cocktails. We should get that on the calendar right ;) Oh and the hip hop class sounds fun! Good for you