Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Not much to post today...went back to work after vacation and had a hard time readjusting. Oh well, that's life, I guess.

I did have a funny conversation with Skylar tonight, though. She was sorting school supplies and organizing her new school bag, so I started singing in the kitchen. (Did I mention school supplies make me happy?)

Mom: (singing) School supplies ...they are so cool! School supplies...they make me drool! (I should be a songwriter, huh?)
Skylar: MOM!
Mom: Yes, honey? Did you hear my cool new song.
Skylar: AWKWARD!!!
Mom: What's wrong?
Skylar: Most mom's don't sing about school supplies.
Mom: YES! I have done my parental job for the day. I have made my child think I am strange. : )
Skylar: (rolling the eyes and giggling)

I am soooo looking forward to many more eye rolling, giggling days ahead. : )


janalee said...

LOL, you sound like you were having so much fun! I think you should write a song, and publish it on You Tube- Skylar can help you do the video for it LOL

sweetpea324 said...

Oh now Janalee has a good idea there. It is fun to make your kids roll their eyes and say things like "awkward." You made me giggle as well. Just a little pointer if you do write a song, repeat parts of it over and over. That's how hits are made, baby!