Sunday, July 20, 2008

Farewell to the Peterson's

We spent a fun filled day in Marion with Liz, Hailey, and Hayden (sister in law, niece and nephew) yesterday. Dan went ahead and started work in Colorado on July 1, but the rest of the family is moving from Iowa to Colorado next week. We went over for an early birthday party for our niece and her Iowa friends (and I suppose to say good-bye for now...but I don't want to think about it).

Liz planned a fun party at a gymnastics place for the girls, and they had a blast. Even Hayden rolled around on the mats squealing, running, and falling down. The kids could literally bounce off of everything even the walls in the foam pit. However, I forgot my camera!! I hope I have pictures to add to this post sometime.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Dan, Liz, Hailey, and Hayden' s home with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson and Aunt Janelle. The kids had a lot of fun and wore themselves and Grandpa and Grandma out. It was an extremely warm day, but that doesn't stop the kids from going outside. It does keep this AC mama (Danny's words...not mine, but true) inside.

Hayden is changing and growing so fast, and I will miss them all dearly!!! Hopefully we will work out a way to share photos regularly and visit lots too.

Love you guys and miss you already! Hope Colorado treats you well, or I will come beat it up. : )

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Mary Perry said...

Gina, I know how heavy your heart must feel. Makes me sad for you. Guess there are Colorado trips in your future.

Where in Colorado are they going? I love Colorado.