Sunday, July 20, 2008

My birthday week begins!

I don't know why my birthday means so much to me, but I have always loved it. It is one day a year I always put high expectations on, therefore, sometimes I am disappointed. This year I am celebrating all week! No way could I be disappointed with a whole week of activities planned, right!?! At least a couple of the days have to work out!

Sunday's plan was to attend the I-Cubs game with Danny in Aviva's season ticket seats. Baseball games are one of my favorite simple pleasures, and going to the I-Cubs around my birthday has become a tradition.
It was about 100 degrees and humid, but the seats were great! There was a guy sitting behind us that knew everything about everything, screamed when he talked, and swore like a sailor that we could have done withougt though. Guess it takes all kinds. I was pretty proud of enduring him and the heat without " incident ". : )
The I-Cubs won 2-1, and I enjoyed the start to my birthday week very much!!!

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