Saturday, July 12, 2008

Inaugural Post

I have been envious for a couple of years now of those people who are able to use their blog posts to help with their scrapbook journalling. However, I am not very technologically advanced. Well, I finally decided to give it a whirl. Hope this works out.

I am an Iowan born and raised. I have never lived anywhere else and went to High School and College within 40 miles of each other. I am a farmer's daughter and don't mind getting my hands dirty. However, I chose to become an accountant. A legacy from my Maternal Grandmother. She was a bookkeeper and shared her work with me at a very young age. My love for crafts and the written word come from her as well as my mother. They are both wonderful seamstresses and mom has branched out into many other crafts over the years as well; mom used to write poetry and also writes a mean newsletter. I also love music (listening, singing, and playing it). My Paternal Grandmother got me started on piano lessons, and I was hooked. Dad plays guitar, organ, and sings. Mom and Grandma play piano also. I wish they would have done it more as I grew up, but I now hope to pass this love of music on to my children.

I now live in Perry, Iowa with my husband of 11 years who is also my high school sweetheart. We have 2 wonderful girls, Skylar age 8 and Eliza age 4. They will both be in school next year, and a new chapter in our life will unfold.


Mary Perry said...

Love you gorgeous blog. Great photo of you your beautiful family. Welcome to the blog world, and love all your info.

Judy said...

I'm so glad that you have joined the blog kingdom. I love following all of you that do blogs. Now we have to get Jenni going on heres.

Kristina said...

Hoo Hoo! Now I can keep up with you here.

Karla said...

Great inaugural post there girlie! You are an awesome writer and I look forward to "hearing" all your great stories.