Tuesday, July 22, 2008

33 on the 22nd

Today is the day, and there couldn't be more meetings and deadlines at work. Why does that always happen? Of all days...I wish this would be a slow one where everything is ready and under control. However, quarter end info is still not finalized, and there were many errors we found way too late that we now have to wade through. Usually I would blame it on my procrastination, but that is honestly not the case this time. What a fun day ...NOT!

After 6 o'clock hit though, look out! I was out of there to meet Danny for our birthday celebration. We planned to go to Newton to the Valle Drive - In. http://www.drive-ins.com/theater/iatvall

First, we went to A&W and bought some dinner.

Danny filled the back of his pickup with an air mattress, pillows, and lots of blankets. We bought snacks, toured around taking photos and chatting with the owner, then settled in for the double feature.

All I can say is AWESOME!!! I talked to Dad at one point in the evening and asked why he never told me about Drive-ins before. I was just captivated by the whole experience. The sound was great, the picture was perfect, lounging under the stars on a beautiful summer night was amazing. Having snacks and movie theater popcorn nearby was just a bonus!!!

We saw the Dark Knight and Journey to the Center of the Earth. The Dark Knight was unbelievable. Heath Ledger's performance made us sad that he is gone...he gave such a wonderful performance. Journey to the Center of the Earth was really pretty fluffy and silly, but we watched it nonetheless.

If you have never been to a Drive In, GO!!!! I enjoyed the whole experience immensely.


sweetpea324 said...

Somewhere along the lines, I missed wishing you happy birthday. Have a fabulous birthday week! You deserve it!

Judy said...

That looks like so much fun. Glad that you were able to enjoy the drive in. I've heard that Heath Ledger did an awesome job with this and will probably be up for an Oscar or something like that. Looks a bit too scarey for me. I'm kind of a wimp. Sounds like you had a good day. See ya Saturday. I'll have M&M cookies from Hy-Vee for ya.

Mary Perry said...

Hey Girl, Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I think I missed it too. Can I have a non-drunk hug on Sat.

Glad you are having a wonderful birthday week. That Danny is the best.

Love you

joan said...

I thought I already left a comment, but apparently I didn't know what I was doing because it didn't show up. I'm so glad you finally got to experience the drive-in. I knew you would love it. Now that I know there is one still open in the area (and we have a pick up), I'm going to have to get Kevin to take me.

Kristina said...

Glad you enjoyed the drive-in! I'm so glad that we took Connor a few weeks ago.

Happy Birthday!

rmeyfe said...

Happy belated Birthday!!

I love drive-ins!! My parents used to take us to the drive in all the time when we were little!! The air mattress in the back of the truck is an awesome idea too by the way!!

Cheri said...

The air mattress in the back of the pickup was a great idea! Love that you took pics too:) I went as a child to several shows back when Atlantic still had their drive-in. As a grown-up, I've been to Maquoketa a couple times with Jeff and had an awesome time! They show (showed?) older flicks, but both times we got very, very cool combos.

janalee said...

I love drive-ins, too. :) I'm glad your birthday ended on a good note!

Joellyn said...

WOW, Gina! How did I not know there was a drive in in the area. Drive ins bring back very warm memories, some with my parents, some with my boyfriends!LOL