Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday of birthday week

Well, the day started out with a bang (and a loud siren). I was awakened by the tornado sirens at 3:10 am . We had 2 extra girls, Sydney and Halle, in the house too. I ran for Halle and Eliza and Danny woke Sydney and Skylar, and we all headed to the basement. Half way down the stairs, the electricity went off too.

After bedding down in the basement for a few minutes, we decided we better get the girls in the closet under the stairs. The wind was really bending the trees onto the deck and toward the house, the sky was an odd color, and the wind noise was extremely scary. It is the closest I every want to be to actually being in a tornado. Here is what hunkering down in our closet looked like.

After we got some candles going and Danny got some water out of sump pump basin, we decided the storm had let up enough to try and get at least a few hours of sleep. What a start to the week.!?!?!

After a long chaotic day at work, I did come home to a fun surprise in the mail. My pajama pants I ordered from Target.

Like the pose? : ) Happy early birthday to me! Lovin' those owls still!

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